Ngome Safari Camp

Ngome Camp is situated in the north western part of the Serengeti just a few minutes drive from the Ikoma entry gate to the Serengeti National Park. It is in great wilderness area and has resident animals. During the migration times the big herds of wildebeest and zebra pass through the camp. At the base of the little hill are some eroded rock formations that look like huge dragons teeth.

The name of Ngome comes from the Ikoma word for Fort. In the nineteenth century when the local tribes were attacked by marauding Maasai warriors’ intent on stealing cattle – a practice they still enjoy – the Ikoma people built a refuge amongst the rocks to protect themselves.

Walks can be arranged. There are night game drives. Cultural visits to the local village of Robanda give an idea of how the Ikoma people live.

The gate to the Serengeti National Park is a ten minute drive. In the opposite direction is Lake Victoria which is a two and a half hour drive.

The camp offers good food and service at a modest price. Lighting is by traditional kerosene lamps.

Getting to Ngome Camp

By Road: Ngome is accessible by road at all times of the year from Arusha and Lake Victoria. Arusha is eight hours and Mwanza four hours. Musoma is two hours and the Kenya border about three hours.

By Air: there are twice daily flights (morning and afternoon) from Arusha to Seronera in the Serengeti. Seronera is an hours drive away.

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