David Baker

Cat’s, cat’s and lots more to offerThe Serengeti is not to be missed, the long drive (or flight) is worth it. It’s a very large park with a good concentration of wildlife, the rains came early for us (3-5 Sept 2014) but this was good as it kept flies and heat to a minimum. We saw lots of cats (all types) and many Elephants, Giraffes, Hyena and Buffalo, Impala and Gazelle. The one thing that separates this park from all others for me is just as it’s written… ‘endless plains’ are breathtaking and it’s not like many of the other parks and conservancies in East Africa where you’ll see power lines, out here it’s you and the animals! The Kopjes and mix of plains and wooded areas make it really unique and well suited for wildlife safaris. We traveled with Swala Safari’s and stayed at Kati Kati tented camp”. David Baker, Sydney, Australia

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