Onxy Eyes

Safari with Swala Safari – We really enjoyed our experience with Swala safaris. We were able to combine both the Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater in a three-day trip that included two stays over – night and a flight into the Serengeti at the beginning. This condensed itinerary worked for us, as me and my partner are high-energy, well-travelled people with lots of stamina. Rose was fabulous in advising us and helping us tailor our trip before we had set foot in Tanzania, answering promptly to emails. She also helped and remained flexible with other details while we were in Tanzania, such as where we would get picked up. My partner and I were alone on the safari itself, and were guided by Joachim. Joachim suited our personalities well. He would join my partner and I in the search for the animals, providing explanations when we needed or asked, and would stop as long as we liked at each sighting. One day on the Serengeti, while we were scouting out many of the Big 5 (which we eventually accomplished), Joachim was conducting a multi-hour search in the background that eventually brought us to a mother cheetah and her cubs. He was also a bit of a practical joker, which kept everything light and lively. The price we paid for the safari was cheaper than most other companies, which naturally made us a bit nervous before we arrived in Tanzania, but I couldn’t really identify a difference in service compared to other companies, except maybe in branding and international presence. All in all, we were very pleased, Jambo!”.  Onxy Eyes, Munich, Germany

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