Mountain Climbing

Mountain Climbing

In Mount Kilimanjaro, Machame route is the most superb and most favoured by climbers, it has a selection of 7 days to 8 days (Good for acclimatization), it also has a 6 days option for serious climbers.  Newly opened Northern Circuit route offer climbers of enjoying the beautiful Northern side of Mt Kilimanjaro, though it is the longest route taking 9 days to complete. Day Trips to first Camps can be arranged. Swala Safaris will be happy to prepare for you a wonderful and memorable Kilimanjaro Hike. Machame is a route that is mostly combined to Safari, beach holidays, and to Safari and beach holidays. Swala Safaris will prepare you a tailored made itinerary to include all activities you wish to do in Tanzania. Marangu Route is mostly used by in experienced climbers as it offers a lot of acclimatization and climbers stay in Huts and not Tents. Both Marangu Route and Rongai Route offers a chance to visit Mawenzi Peak on the acclimatization day. Western Breach Route is currently closed due to falling rocks which pose a risk to climbers. Other Routes are Lemosho Route (another most favoured route after Machame & Marangu Route), Umbwe Route and Shira Route. Both Lemosho, Northern Circuit and Shira routes go through Londorossi gate and their first camp is Mti Mkubwa, then Shira 1 and Shira 2 Camps. They formerly formed the Londorossi Route which confused a lot of climbers before separated into 3 different routes.

For those unexperienced on climbing or going to higher altitudes are advised to climb Mt. Meru first for acclimatization. Mt. Meru offers 3 to 4 days climb, We recommend 4 days for acclimatization and for unexperienced climbers.

Oldoinyo L’Engai, is the hardest Mountain to Climb among the three, it has a steep slope, and slippery sandy surface, and climbed in one night. It is very cold and windy. If you wish to climb the Lengai only it is a three to 4 days from Arusha.

Ngorongoro Highlands are highly included in Safari or to Oldoinyo Lengai climb, though we do offer it separately to if requested.

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